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Pool Leak Detection & Repair

Thames Swimming Pools have a Specialist Leak Detection & Pool Pipe Repair Team which are equipped with the most up to date equipment and technology in Swimming Pool Leak Detection that is available, our expertise is known in the industry and we have located and repaired leaks on domestic pools & commercial pools all around the UK we are able to pin point leaks and in a lot of cases we repair the leak during our teams visit.

Pool Leak Detection Surveys
  • Full Camera Surveys
  • Dye Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Trace Gas Surveys
  • Pipe Tracing
  • Electronic Listening Devise Survey

Once the leak has been located, we have the following solutions

Non Excavation Resin Pipe Repair Sleeve

Our pipe Sleeve Resin injection system is a Non Excavation repair for all swimming pool pipework being able to repair pipe sizes up to 10′′ going around multiple 45′s and 90 degree bends & Tee fittings repairs include Skimmers, Returns, Sumps and Vacuum Lines.

This type of remedial work can be carried out while the swimming pool is still full.

Perfect repair for both Commercial & Domestic pools our repair is Guaranteed for up to 25 years


NO EXCAVATION, NO SWIMMING POOL CLOSURE, NO NEED TO EMPTY POOL = NO LOSS OF MEMBERSHIP OR LOSS OF REVENUE all the work would be covered under your Companies Insurance Policy.

For Advice & Details call 020 3488 2357 and ask for our Technical Director.

Isolated Pipe Repair

Once the leak has been identified & located we have the option of excavation at the point on the failed line.

This will be classed as an isolated repair on the section of pipe or fitting that is leaking.

For Advice & Details call 020 3488 2357 and ask for our Project Works Manager.


Please Call: 020 3488 2357